Chances are, you’ve probably heard this word on social media, at your supermarket on your favorite products, in statements from large corporations who seem anything but eco-conscious. For Eco Eclectic, sustainability is at the very core of our ethos. But what does it really mean, for the world, for us?

What is Sustainability?

The most basic definition would be avoiding the pursuit of actions that deplete the planet’s natural resources faster than they can be replenished. According to the EPA—the Environmental Protection Agency, sustainability is as much a guideline as it is a singular concept.

Global Waste Statistics 2021

While highly developed countries tend to experience population stagnation, a significant part of the world is being lifted out of poverty and is experiencing tremendous population growth. The World Bank estimates that by 2021 waste will triple as a result of population growth.

The 21st century is defined by the explosion in the use of plastics. Many of these plastics end up in our environment and stay there for an eternity in human years. The Atlantic published a thorough piece on the production of plastics since the mid-1900s, citing numerous sources on the matter.

While the contribution of waste to the environment is a complex, multi-faceted problem, one of the main targets are single use plastics that are difficult to recycle.

Some of the most common single use plastics that pollute the ecosystem and harms wildlife are

  • Plastic drink bottles
  • Plastic drink bottle caps
  • Disposable food wrappers and Styrofoam containers
  • Plastic lids
  • Plastic straws, coffee stirrers, etc
  • Food containers

And there are many, many more items that pollute our environment.

Sustainability: Making a Difference from the Ground Up

How do you fix a multivariate problem such as environmental pollution or global warming? You may think the world needs a super genius to come up with a profound solution to the ecological crisis we’re facing, but in actuality, it is the simple effort of everyday people such as ourselves that makes the biggest difference. A small shift in direction of just a degree can change course dramatically over thousands of miles.

Eco-eclectic has made it our mission to embody the spirit of sustainability in everything we do, starting with the very packaging and shipping methods we use to get our products to our loyal customers.

In addition to that, we offer recycling services in Neptune Beach FL to help properly dispose of difficult to recycle everyday items such as detergent bottles, baking soda pouches, Swiffer refills, febreeze cans, stationary, discarded beauty products, etc.

View a full list of our recycling menu here. Even if you are not eligible for our recycling services in partnership with Terracycle and Publix, you can still use the list as a handy resource for knowing what household items you may be using that require some extra consideration for recycling.

Ultimately, offering everyday products such as our zero waste starter kits or our eco-friendly home goods is our way of providing sustainable alternatives to common products that people need in their day to day. These products or services are sold either through our site or from our microshops that we utilize to conserve space, energy, and resources.

Best Eco Friendly Products Neptune FL

What does sustainability mean to you? For Eco-Eclectic, it means many things—including finding creative solutions on the ground-floor of green living to cut our reliance on the wasteful practices regarding single-use plastics and other conveniences that have come at an expense to the environment.

Most of all, it means acknowledging that the small things matter. Choosing eco-friendlier products DOES make an impact, putting extra effort in properly recycling certain products DOES make an impact. Much like the EPA stated, sustainability is just as much a guiding principle as it is a concrete concept to adhere to.

Visit our shop today to check out our offerings or stop by one of our microshops for the best eco-friendly products in Neptune Beach FL!

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