Tangie Sulfate Free Shampoo Bar (8 Wrapped)


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Tangie Sulfate Free Shampoo bars are wrapped in a paper wrapper, not a cardboard box. The wrapper keeps the top and bottom of the bar exposed.

Perfect for gift shops, mercantile stores, wellness, personal care stores.


If they are accustomed to using a shampoo with sulfate in it, then using a sulfate-free shampoo on your hair will feel very different. When your hair is wet, just after washing and rinsing, your hair will most likely have a ‘greasy’ or ‘heavy’ feel because the natural oils remain on your hair strands although the dirt has been washed away. Traditional shampoo strips the hair of all the oil, leaving that squeaky-clean feeling.

The natural oil in our hair helps keep it from getting too dry or frizzy. When we strip the oil away, we need to use more styling products to put moisture back in. That’s why shampoo bars that don’t have sulfates are good for curly hair- they help the curls stay moist and looking natural.


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