Safety Razor Blade Disposal Tin • Blades Storage Bank


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Safety razor blades disposal tin • Storage for used double edge safety razor blades

Jungle Culture's razor blade storage tin is designed to be small, discreet and compact.

Our razor blade bank will blend seamlessly into any bathroom, bedroom or salon environment and can comfortably store up to 100 used safety razor blades.

Built to last, our sturdy little razor blade recycling containers can withstand drops onto hard tiled floors, making storing your used blades safe, especially if there are children in the house.

Razor blade storage tins are a simple and effective way to store safety razor blades for bulk recycling. Our blade tins also provide a good upselling opportunity for retail stores and e-commerce shops and can also be used to create shaving bundles.

Set contains:

1x Razor blade recycling storage tin

1x Kraft paper box (recycled)


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