Packaged Laundry Concentrate by Tangie. Natural & Zero Waste


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Tangie Laundry Concentrate-a revolutionary eco-friendly laundry detergent that tackles the extraordinary plastic waste from liquid laundry without compromising on effectiveness.

A proven high reorder rate from customers at various stores like pop-up shops, zero waste stores, bulk, grocery, general mercantile, home stores, art & crafts, health & wellness and other boutiques. A bar dissolves to make 1-gal of liquid laundry (128+ loads!), less than $0.20 per load.

Scent & fragrance free, made for sensitive skin, no harsh chemicals, dyes, and phosphates. Offering this in your store empowers your customers to embark on a natural, zero-waste laundry routine they can stick with.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Soap Nuts Liquid, Saponified Lye, Yucca Powder, Sodium Carbonate, Baking Soda, Oxalic Acid, Salt, Rosemary Oleoresin. Safe for all machines incl HE. EWG rated 'A'. Leaping Bunny Certified. USA.

Complementary Tangie products: Stain Remover Stick. Wood Dispenser Lid.


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