Package Free Shampoo Rose Geranium Case of 9 bars


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Introducing our extraordinary line of shampoo bars that revolutionize hair care while keeping our planet pristine. Prepare to be captivated by a luxurious lather that cleanses without the use of harsh chemicals, leaving your hair irresistibly soft for days.

Key features of our Shampoo bars:

-Remarkable longevity with each bar lasting up to an impressive 50 washes!

-Choose from our exquisite range of unscented and scented bars, catering to diverse preferences.

-Embrace sustainability with our commitment to plastic-free packaging.

-The lightweight cardboard packaging is not only environmentally friendly but can also be easily recycled or home composted, further reducing your ecological footprint.

Designed to entice your customers and foster sales growth, these bars encapsulate the perfect blend of effectiveness, sustainability, and sheer indulgence.

Ideal for: Gift, General Mercantile, Health and Personal care Stores


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