Package Free Shampoo French Lavender Case of 9 Bars


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Tangie Shampoo Bars offer a luxurious shampoo experience comparable to expensive bottled shampoos while tackling plastic waste. Unbeatable wholesale prices, low MOQ and affordable SRP, so can carry a variety of scents, ensuring customers find a scent they prefer.

Tangie shampoo bars have a proven high reorder rate for retail shops incl zero waste, grocery, general mercantile, home, art & crafts, health & wellness & other convenience boutiques. The perfect blend of effectiveness and sustainability will increase your sales AND reorders from your customers.

The French lavender, this bar helps to soothe and nourish the scalp, while the added coconut oil leaves your hair feeling soft and silky. Free of synthetic fragrance, Leaping Bunny certified, sold package-fee or packaged with recyclable or home compostable packaging.

Selling these bars affords your customers a natural hair care routine making lifelong changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


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