Package Free Citrus Conditioner Bars. Case 15. Zero Waste.


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Introducing the revolutionary Tangie Zero Waste Conditioner Bars – a remarkable eco-conscious remedy that tackles plastic waste head-on while maintaining uncompromised quality.

Our conditioner bars not only offer a cost-effective solution but are also devoid of synthetic fragrance, making them a mindful choice for both your customers and the environment. By offering these bars, you empower your customers to embark on a transformative journey towards a zero-waste hair care routine.

Witness the extraordinary blend of satisfaction and responsibility as your customers indulge in the goodness of premium ingredients. Tangie Conditioner Bars not only enhance their hair care experience but also instill a sense of pride in contributing to a better world.

Our unbeatable wholesale prices & affordable suggested retail price allow you to effortlessly invest in a variety of scents of Tangie Conditioner Bars for your store.

Ideal for Gift, General Mercantile, Health & Personal Stores


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