Laundry Detergent Sheets- Single Sheets/ Sample


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All-natural concentrated laundry detergent sheets with retail/bulk countertop display.

This package includes a recycled cardboard box (box will be either with or brown depending on our current inventory) with a sign on the inside lid that can double as a retail, bulk (sell by the sheet) display.

Simply take an Eco-Clean Laundry Sheet, tear it in half along the perforated line, and throw it in the laundry tub with your clothes. Use a full sheet for unusually large or stained loads. Works great with any temperature of water in any washer (HE or standard).

No more plastic jugs and messy liquids.

Eco Clean Sheets are plant-based and concentrated laundry detergent for zero waste. No plastic.

An all-natural, coconut-based formula that works! Plant-based enzymes do the work!


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