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How we choose what products to carry!

It starts with the earth.

When deciding what products to sell on our website and in our microshops, we spend a lot of time researching companies to determine what impact their products have on the environment.

Important factors include:

Transparency: Is the company open about how their materials are sourced, produced, packaged, and shipped? We choose products that are harvested sustainably, mindfully produced, carbon conscious, and packaged and shipped plastic free.

Locality: Is it made locally, therefore reducing carbon emissions with less distance to travel?

Plastic-Free: Is it plastic free, or is the company actively trying to reduce plastic consumption and use in products?

Social and Environmental Responsibility: Is the company funding environmental programs, such as clean-ups, education, or investing in green technologies? Is the company actively trying to improve their sustainability practices? Is it a small business or woman owned?

We try our best to choose products based on the above criteria. It can be tricky sometimes – for example, reusable q-tip swabs are made of plastic, but until a better option is produced, we will continue to sell them because of their positive impact: reducing thousands of single-use swabs and therefore producing less waste and pollution. We will always choose the net positive option, the overall most sustainable option for the environment.

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