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How we get your products to you!

Cutting carbon.


Packaging: Our #1 option is reusing packaging materials. We reuse boxes and paper from our suppliers and neighbors for most of our shipments. If we are not using recycled materials, we ship with EcoEnclose. The paper tape we use is also from EcoEnclose.

Shipping: We have thought about our carbon footprint…a LOT. We have considered donating to offset our carbon footprint, but until we in full operation, post COVID-19, we would just be making an uneducated guess. We choose to donate to Project DrawDown, a research based non-profit that aims to educate and bring us closer to the draw down: “that point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begins to decline.” When we are in fulll swing, we will follow the carbon neutral protocol, and work with Natural Capital Partners to reduce emissions.


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