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What is a Microshop?

A microshop is a small “store”, typically a shelf space, in an established business. Eco Eclectic chose this start-up model for several reasons:

 1) We are using a space that already exists, saving energy and resources.

 2) We want to support local businesses and broaden our reach, making eco-friendly swaps convenient for consumers.

3) Saving on our own physical store costs allows us to donate 10% of all profits from our microshops to local nonprofits and environmental groups!

4) We can reduce shipping and packaging waste.



Where can I find Eco Eclectic Microshops?




Online Store

We also encourage our visitors to shop in our online store! We package consciously by reusing materials, choosing more sustainable options, and carefully planning delivery routes to reduce our carbon footprint. If you are a Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, or Atlantic beach resident, your products will be delivered by bike!



What companies and products are featured?

We only stock companies who abide by ethical and sustainable business practices. We are also striving to offer quality eco-friendly products at reasonable prices. As we learn and grow, our products will change to better serve the community. Eco Eclectic recognizes that greenwashing is a serious issue, and we aim to support honest and ethical companies. If we discover that our partners are not being transparent and are indeed greenwashing, they will be dropped from our store. Learn more about greenwashing here ➔

Do you live in Jacksonville and make low-waste products? Email us and let’s get you on the shelf!