How we promote and market the business!

Keeping it digital.

The vast majority of our marketing and costumer connection is digital, though social media, our website, and our newsletter. If paper is needed, we choose the best recycled paper option, print double sided, and minimize ink use.

Our business cards are made of post-consumer recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds! So the card is not only biodegradable, but when planted, it grows flowers for all of our wonderful pollinators to use.

Our promotional stickers are made out of sustainably-sourced wood, 100% biodegradable, made in the US, and are shipped using eco-friendly materials.

Our logo signs are made using a reusable stencil and reclaimed wood, and our product packaging logo is added with a reusable stamp.

We also make in-person appearances at the Atlantic/Neptune Beach farmers markets! Most materials used for display are second-hand items, with the exception of the chalk board and tent, which we could not find second-hand locally, unfortunately.

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