When you choose to refill, you are saving hundreds of plastic bottles from ending up in our waste stream and in our environment- thank you!

If you have questions or need clarification, please reach out to us at ecoeclectic.jacksonville@gmail.com.

Learn How Our Refills Work Below:

First Time Ordering Refills


Select ‘Bulk & Refills’ from the
shop menu.


Choose a product(s), the amount you want to purchase (by the ounce), and a container (first time container deposit or a free repurposed container).

  • Amber glass bottle with a pump top for liquid products, recommended for first timers ($3-$5)
  • Bulk items will arrive in a paper bag (you will need to transfer to your own container in the case of the toothtabs, do not get moist before use)
  • Repurposed, sanitized, containers for liquid products (free) may be plastic. These are containers that have been donated to us for another life! These are awesome if you plan on transferring to your own container (owning a funnel is a plus)!

Products priced per fluid ounce. The tare weight, or container weight, is always subtracted from the total so you get every drop you pay for!


Check out and choose a delivery
or pick-up option:

  • Pick up– Select ‘Pick-up @ Beaches Green Market’. Pick-up Saturday’s from 10am-2pm at our local farmers market! Located in Jack Russel Park, 800 Seminole Rd, Atlantic Beach, FL.
  • Delivery– $5 for Jacksonville deliveries, $2 for beaches residents (delivery by bike), or $8 for anywhere else in the US!

You will receive an email and text within 24hrs notifying you when your order is ready for pick up or being delivered! You can return any empty bottles you’ve purchased from us when you pick up or set them outside for us to collect when we deliver (before 3pm prior to delivery).

Reordering Refills


Select ‘Bulk & Refills’ from the
shop menu.

If you’ve purchased an amber glass bottle with a pump top for your first order, you will receive a new amber bottle. It will have a cap, instead of a new pump top, so please keep the pump top you received with your first order.


Please place your empty bottles outside on your porch before 3pm on your delivery day for us to collect when we deliver your new order, or drop them off if you’re picking up in person! Please keep your pump tops. Clean them and reuse them on your new bottles!

Ordering in Person (Farmers Markets + Pop-ups)


BYOC, buy or take a container. Weigh, fill, pay! We will tare your container, you can fill it with however much product you need, and then pay by the ounce!

We can always provide sanitized repurposed containers on in case you forget yours. If you bring your own containers to fill, please be sure they are clean and dry. This makes for a better experience of our products.

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

Reduce your waste today- one refill
at a time!

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