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Welcome to Eco Eclectic!

Eco Eclectic’s mission is to empower individuals in their sustainable efforts through eclectic products, ideas, and services. We present the opportunity for everyone to have a positive impact on the environment by providing accessible and affordable resources. 

Eco Eclectic is committed to helping you find and cultivate your sustainable style. Whether you’re looking to save money, reduce your impact, or vote with your dollar, we want to help.  We believe big things come from small changes.


We provide low-waste alternatives that are typically not offered in our community. We are looking to partner with eco-conscious local businesses who want to inspire their patrons to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

10% of profits from our microshops are donated to non-profits!

Find them at Phi Eco Salon in Jax Beach or at Wildcrafters in Riverside!

Together, we can be the catalyst to spark change in our communities and support each other in our journey towards a greener Jacksonville.

We love local! Do you make sustainable/low waste products? Contact us and let’s get your products on the shelf!

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