Nature: A Circular economy

What is a circular economy? Nature creates no waste so why do we? Nature has a beautifully efficient system, when a tree dies it falls to the ground and begins to decompose, and as it decomposes it feeds the seeds that it once dropped to give a life to a new tree. Where there is […]

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Eco-Friendly Face Masks

Although Covid-19 vaccines are being administered around the world, the necessity of face masks will be with us for an undetermined amount of time. Medical experts are still unsure about viral spread post-vaccination, so it is advised that even those who have been vaccinated continue to wear a mask to protect those who still haven’t […]

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The Recycling Dilemma: Is My Recycling Really Being Recycled?

Are you an avid recycler? Do you take an extra few minutes out of your day to rinse that glass kombucha bottle or plastic yogurt cup before tossing it in the bin? I, too, have been a diligent recycler and believer in the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra since I was a child. Recycling feels like […]

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What Does Sustainability Really Mean?

Sustainability. Chances are, you’ve probably heard this word on social media, at your supermarket on your favorite products, in statements from large corporations who seem anything but eco-conscious. For Eco Eclectic, sustainability is at the very core of our ethos. But what does it really mean, for the world, for us? What is Sustainability? The […]

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Your Easy Guide to Recycling

An easy guide to recycling so you can help keep our environment clean Recycling can be super confusing – between figuring out what items should go in the trash or the recycling, what actually happens to those items after they’re picked up, and deciding whether or not to rinse that yogurt cup out, it can […]

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What is Greenwashing?

The Basics Greenwashing is when a company makes a product seem more eco-friendly, “green”, or sustainable than it really is. This is achieved through marketing and packaging, and leads consumers to believe that a product is doing more good for the planet than it actually is. Why It’s Bad Conscious consumers want to choose products […]

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The Value In Money

The value of money is in its purchasing power. A pile of money sitting there does nothing, but when it is traded for goods and services, that provides some kind of value to us, that is the power of money. There is value in money. It is a signaling tool. We buy expensive things because […]

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