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Hi there! I’m Sara, the founder of Eco Eclectic. Not too long ago, I found myself struggling to find sustainable alternatives to conventional household and beauty products in the greater Jax Beach community.

I started describing myself as “eco-eclectic” to my friends, because I was getting creative in my sustainable efforts and not following typical zero waste guidelines. I realized how cookie-cutter the eco-sphere has become, and felt a responsibility to bring something different to the table.

And voila, Eco Eclectic was born! I’ve brought my passions for the planet, science, and helping people to my very own small business that offers ecology-supporting products, ideas, and services.

Business with Intention + Integrity


Our mission is to empower individuals in their sustainable efforts through a wide range of affordable products, ideas, and services. We present the opportunity for everyone to have a positive impact on the environment.


Service: Eco Eclectic values community and collaboration. At our core, we are here to serve others and the environment. A percentage of all proceeds are donated to local nonprofits in order to support environmental and educational programs. Knowledge is power, and Eco Eclectic recognizes the importance of science and education as a driver of change.

Diversity: We understand that everyone starts in a different place and moves at a different pace. Eco Eclectic embraces the unique skills and knowledge of the individual, and encourages others to do what they can. “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” We celebrate our differences and wish to provide convenient, accessible, and affordable resources for all.

Transparency: Transparency is key to the culture we are trying to create. We wish to set an example for individuals and businesses by implementing sustainable practices. Reducing consumption and waste in an economy driven by these factors presents challenges, but we constantly strive to find innovative solutions. We will continue to be open about the challenges we face and encourage feedback from the communities we wish to serve. Check out our “Sustainability” page to see what we are up to!



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